Driverless Public Transit Systems

 Fact Finding Tour - South Korea



Driverless Trains for Public Transport are here now!


And South Korea is leading the way.  Come and experience for yourself.




  Nowhere in the world one can find such a range of Driverless Public Transport Systems
  as in South Korea.


  Nowhere in the world one can visit 8 to 10 of Driverless Systems within a few days.


  Nowhere in the world can one combine these site visits with one of the largest rail-shows
  in the world within one week.


  To join the Driverless Public Transit Systems Fact Finding Tour is an absolute must
  for those involved in Mass Transit Automation.


A unique opportunity for Public Transport professionals who want to learn from how the Koreans have made some of their public transport systems the most modern and efficient Public Transit systems in the world.


Want to know more? Visit the other pages of this website. Download the announcement brochure or pre-register as a potential delegate for taking part in an unique and exciting experience of learning and exchanging information.


Highlights of this Fact Finding tour:


• Visits to at least 8 Automated PT Systems.

• Visits to two Rail Research Institutes.

• Visit to the Korean Science Museum with emphasis on Public Transport.

• Learn how Magnetic Levitation functions in an Urban Maglev Public Transport System.

• Visit the just opened most advanced monorail system in the World in Daegu City.

• Be in the audience, or better present yourself at TED presentations in Daegu.

• Experience Korean hospitality and its extraordinary delicious cuisine.

• Last but not least, have the opportunity to visit one the larger rail and logistics show in the world – RailLog - in the Port City of Busan.

Korea Railways & Logistics Fair, or RailLog Korea, is Korea’s leading international trade fair for railway technology, infrastructure and logistics.


Biennially held since 2003, RailLog Korea is positioning itself as the latest and globally competitive venue for Railway Technology / Interior Fittings / Infrastructure / Logistics. RailLog Korea is now ranked the world’s fourth largest railway show with 14,000sqm of space.


The 7th edition of the fair will take place from 10 – 13 June 2015 at the Busan Exhibition & Convention Center in Busan, South Korea.


This Fact Finding Tour is organized by Brisk Events - Division of Nedland BV Technology Tour Organizers, Sluithek 6, 3831 PB, Leusden, the Netherlands.

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